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Black Hair Care Tips: Healthy Hair Butter – Make your Own

One of the best black hair care tips you can find is how to make your own hair butter. This is an easy recipe for the perfect home made hair product which works well as a non-water based moisturizer. It can also be…


Natural Black Hair Care: General Hair Care Regimen

Since you are searching for natural black hair care tips, you must have noticed that there is a learning curve on how to care for your natural texture, especially if you are transitioning from relaxed hair, or if you are relatively new to…


Natural Hair Care Products – Best Products & Tools

Click here for more information on natural hair care products. When you are thinking about the best natural hair care products it is, of course, crucial to know more than which products to use, but why. I have an embarrassing amount of discarded…


5 Product Ingredients to Avoid

We often wonder why, even when we take great care of our hair, we can’t get it to grow out, we still see it breaking off, and sometimes it even lacks shine and moisture that we crave. If you are seeking out natural…


Natural Hair Care Tips

If you are visiting this site for natural hair care tips, it is likely that you fall into one of 5 categories: Find out how to have your questions answered personally…   Planting Seeds – You are just thinking about going natural and…


Natural Hair Care Basics

If you are looking for natural hair care tips or how to care for natural hair, it is safe to assume that maybe you are struggling with your hair. Perhaps you recently decided to go natural and you are not sure what to…