Viola DavisThe fact that it was on the morning news when Viola Davis wore her natural hair to the Oscars tells us a lot.
Popular culture still isn’t quite ready for natural hair. Would any of this be actual news? “Gweneth Paltrow wore her hair straight! and blonde!! – Film at 11” “Jennifer Lopez MADE THE DECISION to wear her natural curly hair.” It would never happen. You’d almost think that she revealed that she’s considering a sex change operation they were so shocked by her “decision.” My Goodness. I can’t wait for something like this to cease to be news. Then watch the fashion reports afterwards. They made as many polite comments about her hair as they try to do any time a full figured woman hits the carpet. “Oh, she looked great for a woman with curves.” “Her natural hair looked so cool.” Will they ever just call it straight out beautiful without adding a lot of extra qualifiers?

But overall “they” loved it. They respected her for it and said she looked awesome. So then to find that the only solid criticism that came was from Wendy Williams. Do I even need to say anything else about that? It speaks so many volumes on the attitudes and stigmas that have kept black women in a chemical box for so long, and shows that so much of that abuse has come right from our own community. Its a shame.

The only thing that I can say is that Viola Davis looked amazing. The color, cut and style of her hair were the perfect compliment to her skin tone and the shape of her face. She was simply breathtaking. And I truly love her for making this bold move which I’m sure she knew would be newsworthy. I’m sure we all feel a little bit of that every time we hit the streets or go to work with our natural hair. Thank you Viola for taking us one more step in the right direction!

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