One reason I made the decision to go natural and stop getting relaxers was due to the problems that I was having with my scalp. Dryness and flakyness were a big problem because of the chemical burns and the stress to my hair from using heat products and products with bad ingredients. After I went natural, I still had a dry flaky scalp. I thought I would be cured at least in a few months. So when years passed and I was still seeing the flakes, I was troubled by it. The flakes show up even more in natural hair because they get caught in the kinks. I was looking up information on natural remedies for bacteria, and I discovered some great information on colloidal silver. I decided try the tips that I found and I was really happy to see the results. After washing my hair, I applied a mixture of colloidal silver and olive oil to my scalp. The flakes cleared up almost instantly and they haven’t returned yet! It has been about two weeks. I have occasionally sprayed on a mist of the silver and water mixed together for maintenance, but I’m not sure if this is necessary. I’m not seeing flakes anymore and I couldn’t be more pleased. To any of you still struggling with a dry flaky scalp in your natural hair, I strongly encourage you to try colloidal silver.

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